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Model 1866 Winchester Carbine
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This is a Winchester Model 1866 carbine, sometimes called the "Yellow Boy" due to the appearance of the brass receiver. The Model 66 is considered to be an improvement of the Henry repeating rifle. There were two chief complaints concerning the Henry, the ammunition itself and the magazine that retained the ammunition. The major improvement of the Model 66 over the Henry was the new magazine and the method for loading the cartridges. This magazine and loading system was designed by Nelson King, the plant superintendent for Oliver Winchester. There were approximately 170,000 Model 66 Winchesters produced between 1866 and 1898. Of this total over 127,000 were carbines, over 28,000 were rifles and approximately 14,000 were muskets. Available records show that over 73,000 of the Model 66's were sold to foreign governments, but the actual number is believed to be closer to 127,000, making these repeating rifles difficult to obtain. This carbine has a 20" barrel, standard for the carbine. It has a bright bore with no pitting. The rifling is strong, but shows evidence of firing. The exterior of the barrel is smooth with a dark patina. The barrel has two crisp, legible stamps on the top. They read "HENRY'S PATENT-OCT. 16, 1860/KINGS PATENT-MARCH 29, 1866. The Model 66 was originally chambered in .44 Henry rimfire. Records do indicate that 1020 were converted to centerfire and shipped to Brazil in 1891. Many of the Henry rimfire guns were converted to centerfire outside the Winchester factory. This carbine falls into that category, having been converted to fire centerfire cartridges. The magazine has the same dark patina as the barrel. It has a 13 round capacity. The two leaf rear sight is still with this one, as well as the front sight incorporated into the front barrel band. The hammer, trigger and lever have a slightly lighter patina than the barrel and magazine. There is no half cock on the action of this carbine, as that feature was not incorporated until rifles serial numbered after 23,000. There is an issue with the lever. The lever does not extend far enough to the rear for the latch to catch. It is a little stiff to operate about halfway through cocking, but does function normally. The indented loading port cover matches the barrel and magazine for appearance. This patented loading system allowed a sealed magazine, keeping dirt and other debris from entering the chamber. It also allowed a forend to be added to the stock, helping prevent heat transfer from the barrel to the magazine to the hands of the owner when firing the weapon. Winchester used straight grain walnut for stocks on all their standard guns. The stock and forend of this Winchester match in appearance, and the serial number of 17303 is stamped into the top of the stock where the shorter receiver tang covers it. The is a small section of wood missing from the stock on the left side where it meets the receiver. The stock and forend show expected dings and small nicks from normal use. There are no cracks to be found anywhere. The serial number is also stamped into the left side of the lower receiver tang, under the stock. It is stamped into the barrel on the bottom where it meets the receiver, under the forend and finally on the inside of the butt plate toe. All serial numbers match, 17303, giving this Model 66 a production year of 1868. This also makes this little weapon that tamed the West a second model. The brass receiver and butt plate have a dull mustard patina. There a re a couple of scratches on the receiver, nothing major. The cresent shaped butt plate has a hinged trap door. The original three piece brass tipped cleaning rod is still with this gun. The saddle ring and bar are present, though the bar is loose. This could be repaired if the buyer wishes. Overall this is a very good plus example of one of the guns that helped win the west! If you are a serious collector of Winchester weaponry you should not pass this one up!
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