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Lock & Trigger Assembly Recovered From Spanish Ship Wreck
Item #: AA1162
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This is a lock and trigger assembly that was recovered from a ship wreck off the Florida coast. A fleet of 12 Spanish ships loaded with treasure set sail from Havana, Cuba enroute to Spain. On the morning of 31 July, 1715 eleven of the ships were lost in a hurricane off the central coast of Florida. Somewhere around 1,000 sailors perished during this tragic event. Treasure has been recovered from these ships for over three hundred years now. I do not know the date this lock was recovered or even what model of gun it goes to. I'm sure it is some type of Spanish Blunderbuss. You can make out the outline of the lock and the trigger guard in the coral that has grown on it. It has a brownish color, not sure if that is from the iron or what. There is another lock that came with this one I'll be listing later that is white. These are pretty cool artifacts that make an interesting display piece, conversation piece or aquarium decoration!
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
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