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Confederate Holster
Item #: AA971
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This is a Confederate holster from the Civil War period. This monster of a holster is of one piece construction and is hand tooled. I tried a Colt Army in it for size and it fits with some room to spare. I think it could accommodate a Colt's Dragoon. Really gives meaning to Wyatt Earp's saying "skin that smoke wagon", it's big enough to hold a chuck wagon! The leather is a little dry but still very pliable. There are two small tears in the leather, one on the back side of the flap and one at the toe. Neither are over 1/4" long, mentioned for accuracy. The stitching is very strong on the seam. The closure stud is a small brass finial that is securely attached to the holster. On the front of the holster along the edge is a hand tooled rope border. Below and to the right of the flap edge is a tooled floral design. There is no plug in the toe of the holster and I don't think there ever was. And before you ask, yes this did come out of a Texas collection! The single belt loop on the back is very interesting. It is retained by two copper rivets, is 4" long and 1" wide. At the top of the loop are two stamps, the number 44 at the top of the loop and 7 1/2 below that. I can only guess as to the meaning of the stamps, .44 caliber, 7 1/2" barrel? Not sure what they indicate. The condition of the Confederate holster is strong enough to be displayed on a mannequin. If you are a collector of Confederate memorabilia, then you should take a good look at this one.