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Colt Single Action with Holster
Item #: AA963
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This is a Colt Single Action "Frontier Six Shooter" manufactured in 1884 in 44/40 caliber. This popular cowboy gun has seen a lot of use, but remains in remarkably good condition. It is accompanied by it's original holster and a Colt letter. The serial number of 110275 places production date in the year 1884. The serial number is stamped on the frame, trigger guard and back strap. The barrel has no serial number stamp, as this practice was discontinued beginning around the 90,000 serial number range for civilian firearms. By the time this weapon was made it was uncommon to see a serial numbered barrel on this version of Colt firearm. The stamps that are present on the barrel are the two line barrel address of: COLT"S PT. F.A. MFG. Co./HARTFORD CT. U.S.A. on the top of the barrel. The index line is also still present on the top of the barrel. The small number 44 is stamped on the bottom of the barrel forward of the cylinder pin. The cylinder pin itself is retained by a screw, rather than a spring tension pin found on later models. On the left side of these revolvers Colt had acid etched "Colt Frontier Six Shooter", which has long since worn off this trusted side arm. Other stamps found on this Colt are 44.C.F on the left front trigger bow, the letter J in the hammer slot, letter L on the back of the cylinder and portions of the three line patent stamp on the left side of the steel frame. The cylinder is not serial number stamped, as was also a common practice by the time this six shooter was made. The ejector rod is in it's original configuration, having a round ejector rod and half moon rod head. The Colt letter identifies serial number 110275 as being a 44/40 caliber pistol with a 4 3/4" barrel. The weapon had a nickel finish, which is practically gone except for the most recessed areas. The steel now has a beautiful dark gray/plum patina with no pitting. The barrel has ample rifling remaining and has no pitting or rust. The hammer is casehardened and retains full case color. The spur checkering is of the medium size diamond shaped checkering, with the slash mark below the border. The letter states this weapon had rubber grips, but it is equipped with walnut grips. The toe of the trigger bow shows no sign of having been drilled to accept the dowel pin used to keep the rubber grips from slipping. The wooden grips fit like a glove and have been on this Colt for a long time. The action is tight and the cylinder indexes perfectly each time the hammer is cocked. This gun, along with nine others, were shipped to J.F. Schmelzer & Sons Arms Company of Kansas City, Missouri on 21 February, 1887. The leather cartridge belt and holster that accompany the Colt have great eye appeal. The belt measures 33" long by 2" wide. There are 36 cartridge loops stitched onto the belt. The belt is secured by a once nickel plated roller type buckle. The double strap holster holds this 4 3/4" Colt perfectly. The leather shows signs of heavy use, but is very strong. There is no crazing, tears or rips and the stitching is as strong as the day it was made. It's obvious these two have been together for years and they display just perfect! If you collect the old west, these two are for you!