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Cavalry Carbine Sling
Item #: AA961
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This is a Cavalry Carbine sling from the American Civil War. This Model 1839 Federal issued sling is made from black bridle leather and remains in amazing condition. The leather is still flexible, although it is dry. There is some crazing on the exterior side of the belt and some amounts of flaking in two places. There are no makers marks or inspector stamps to be found on the belt. The sling measures 54" in length, and 2 3/8" in width. Many of these slings were shortened, as the men who used them weren't very tall. They shortened them in the field as an expedient means of making them fit. They were also shortened when the tips, or "batwing" broke, the stitching at the buckle ripped, or the leather just tore. The brass two prong buckle and batwing tip have a beautiful dark patina with some verdigris on the rivets and edges. The steel snap swivel is maker marked, being manufactured by the O.B. North Co. of New Haven, Connecticut. North had two separate contracts for these snap swivels totaling just over 33,000. These slings were worn over the troopers shoulder and the snap hook was attached to the sling bar of his carbine. This allowed the rider use of both hands for his reins while on the march or in an attack. If you have a cavalry collection it's not complete without one of these!