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M3 Fighting Knife
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This is a World War II M3 Fighting Knife, or more commonly called the "M3 Trench Knife" manufactured by the Camillus Cutlery Co in 1943. These knives were originally produced to equip soldiers who were not authorized a bayonet with a close combat weapon. Soldiers who were issued weapons without bayonet lugs, submachine guns, BARS, Carbines and so forth were issued the new fighting knife. The first troops to be issued the new M3's were Airborne units, Ranger and Mountain troops, Glider Infantry and Army Air Corps personnel. These knives were produced from 1943 through 1945 and had three distinct patterns. The first pattern, which this example falls under, had "US M3, The manufacturer name and 1943 stamped into the blade. the second pattern was similar to the first, but omitted the 1943 date. The third pattern removed the markings from the blade and stamped them on the underside of the crossguard. This knife has a very distinctive look. The spear point blade measures 6 3/4", with a 3 1/2" false edge. The handle is made of compressed, stacked leather washers with eight grooves. The pommel is stamped with the Ordnanace flaming bomb. The overall length of this close combat weapon is 12". The original M6 leather scabbard is still with the knife. The leather is stamped USMC/MOOSE CO./1943. The metal shield on the back side of the scabbard has the initials of KS scratched into it. The M6 scabbards were replaced in 1944 with the M8 series scabbards made of green fiberglass. Total production for these knives was a little over 2.5 million units. Of that number, Camillus produced 402,909. Since this is a first pattern M3 with the original M6 leather scabbard it is pretty scarce. The fact that these were initially issued to Airborne units it makes perfect sense that this was part of a Marine Paratrooper grouping I picked up a little while back. If fighting knives are your thing, USMC Para Marines, or WWII items strike your fancy then take a good long look at this one!
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