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Model 1859 Spur Set
Item #: AA955
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This is a set of Model 1859 cavalry spurs from the Civil War period. The cast brass spurs are in very good condition. The rowels are present and rotate freely. These are smaller than the more common larger sizes. Most of the ones I have seen are stamped with the number 4 and are the more common larger size. Each of these smaller spurs are stamped with the number 8, apparently the smaller sized spur. The original leather straps with roller buckles are still with the spurs. The leather is dry, but still pliable. I picked these up on a trip out to Idaho a while back. They had been in a local museum but there was no history with them. I suspect that these belonged to some cavalryman from the Civil War continued on in the service and was stationed out west during the Indian wars campaigns. The soft golden patina really makes these stand out against the worn leather straps. If you have a spur or cavalry collection this sets of smaller spurs will go nicely with it!