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Burnside Carbine Cartridge Box
Item #: AA954
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This is a Carbine Cartridge box for the Burnside carbine used by Federal cavalry during the Civil War. These boxes are identified as being a Burnside box due to the drilled wooden block used to retain the cartridges. This one is drilled to accept the .54 caliber cone shaped brass cartridge perfectly. The leather of the box is in very good condition, being very pliable with very little crazing. The leather closure tab is still present, not torn and still keeps the outer flap securely closed when applied to the brass finial. The stitching is strong throughout the box The inner flap has no crazing at all and still retains the black finish. It is stamped with the makers name and reads MADE BY/J.I.PITTMAN/N-Y. The implement pouch cover is exactly the same as the inner flap, no damage or crazing and a nice black appearance. The belt loops on the back of the box are securely attached to the box. Both roller buckles are present and are also securely attached to the box. The wooden cartridge box, drilled to hold 20 of the Burnside cartridges is in excellent condition. If you own a Yankee cavalry collection it's not complete without one of these!