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Federal Cap Pouch
Item #: AA930
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This is a Federal cap box manufactured by the J.B. Thaxter company of Portland, Maine. Thaxter had Army contracts for cartridge boxes and cap pouches. He was awarded a contract on 22 September, 1862 for 5,000 each of .58 caliber and .69 caliber accoutrement sets. On 15 April and 7 September 1863 he was awarded contracts for a total of 8,000 .58 caliber sets. This particular cap pouch was part of the contract from September 1862. The leather on this pouch is still very pliable and has no crazing or any other damage. The stitching is very strong and has no breaks. The brass finial is present, the closure tab is still reporting for duty and is 100% intact! The two belt loops are securely attached to the pouch. The only flaw with this one is the missing wool. The pick is still hanging in there though. The inner flap is stamped with the makers mark and reads in three lines, J.B. THAXTER/PORTLAND M.E./1862.