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#2 Smith & Wesson Revolver
Item #: AA874
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This is a #2 Smith & Wesson "Army" .32 caliber rimfire revolver from the Civil War era. A little over 77,000 of these revolvers were produced from 1861 - 1874. Revolvers serial numbered 35,731 and earlier are considered to be Civil War period weapons since they were manufactured before 1 May 1864. All were .32 caliber rimfires with six shoot non fluted cylinders. They had rosewood grips and had blued, nickel or half plate finishes. The patent date is stamped on the cylinder and the serial number is stamped on the bottom of the backstrap and inside the right grip. This particular weapon is serial #3400. The inside of the right grip is also stamped #3400. The six inch barrel and frame are nickel plated, while the cylinder and fixed ejector rod have a blued finish. The barrel is stamped "SMITH.&WESSON.SPRINGFIELD.MASS." and is very legible. The barrel rifling is very strong, just needs a little cleaning. The cylinder stamp is light and reads "PATENTED APRIL 3, 1855, July 5, 1859". The DEC 18, 1860 date is indistinguishable except for the 0. The action works flawlessly, the cylinder indexing and locking up perfectly each time the hammer is cocked. When the spur trigger is depressed the hammer snaps forward strongly. The rosewood grips retain about 85% of their original finish. The pistol is accompanied by a leather holster that is mostly brown buff now. The toe still has the plug in. The single strap belt loop is securely attached to the holster body. Copper rivets and a brass awning closure finial are all tight, along with all stitching. On the inside flap of the holster in ink is written KARL H. SKOGMAN JOPLIN MO. These #2 Smith's were not military issue during the Civil War, but many were privately purchased by officers and enlisted men alike. Generals Ambrose Burnside and George Custer were known to carry these, Custer had two. When Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Deadwood, he was carrying on of these pistols. This one will go great with your Civil War weapons collection or Wild West display.