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Model 1795 Flintlock Musket
Item #: AA859
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This is a Model 1795 type III Flintlock .69 caliber smooth bore musket manufactured by the Harpers Ferry Armory. The Model 1795 was the first musket produced in the US, based on the Charleville musket of France. The Charleville Model 1763/1766 had been imported in large numbers during the American Revolution for use by the Continental Army. This Model 1795 measures 59" overall, with a 44" barrel. The barrel on this smooth bore gages out at .72 caliber, apparently it did some shootin! The bore is dark and rusty, while the exterior of the barrel is smooth and has a dark gray patina. It seems to have been cleaned long ago, as there are dimples on the surface from pitting but is now smooth. The bayonet lug is on the top of the barrel, indicating a later production. There are several marking on the barrel, two ovals on the left side by the breech and two more stamps on the top of the barrel 3 1/2" from the breech. They are very faint and I can't make them out. All three barrel bands have the same rusty brown patina, with the top band being a double strap with front sight. Both sling swivels are still reporting for duty. The lock plate is marked HARPERS/FERRY/1812 behind the hammer and an American Eagle forward of the hammer. The lock plate, hammer and frizzen all have an eye pleasing dark grey patina. The action works flawlessly and spark occurs when the flint strikes. The trigger guard and butt plate match the patina of the barrel, mostly likely having been cleaned long ago when the barrel was. The finials on the trigger guard are tear drop shaped. The steel button head ramrod still has the threads with it. The walnut stock is in really good condition to be over 200 years old! The normal bumps and dings are present from handling. There is a small piece of wood missing from the left side by the double strap barrel band, approximately 1/4" long. On the bottom of the stock on the left side of the trigger guard bow is a crack approximately 3" long, nothing major, mentioned for accuracy. Both stock combs have initials. On the right side are the initials JWM, on the left RR. Kinda puts you in a Johnny Reb frame of mind don't it! These smooth bore long guns saw service in the War of 1812, the Mexican American War and did serve into the Civil War. If you are in need of an iconic firearm that represents the American military, this will fit your needs!