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Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun
Item #: AA852
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This is a double barrel percussion shotgun from the 1850's. The overall length is 54", with the barrel length being 38". The bore on this thing is huge! My gauge only goes up to 10 gauge and it goes right on past that. Seems like this one just may be an 8 gauge! The bore of both barrels has some very light rust, but no pitting. They will clean up just fine. The exterior of the barrels have a dark gun metal gray patina. There is a small bead sight set back 5/8" from the muzzle on the barrel rib. The soldier has broken loose on the rib near the breech. This could be repaired by a gunsmith if the buyer wishes. The lock plates are both marked G GOULCHER. George Goulcher was located in New York City and made flintlock and percussion rifles and shotguns in the mid to late 1800's. Along with his name the lock plates have very ornate and complex hunting scenes engraved into them. They have a matching patina of the barrels. Both actions work fine, but the left hammer is broken. The trigger guard and butt plate are iron and also have a dark patina. This gun has been together forever. The trigger guard has an acorn finial. The walnut stock is in very good condition. The forearm and wrist area have tight checkering present. There are a couple of small age cracks on the left stock comb approximately 1/4" long. On the left side of the stock by the lock plate is another small age crack. These are mentioned for accuracy and do not detract from the eye appeal of the weapon in any way. Here is another mid 1800's black powder percussion shotgun that was around prior to the Civil War. Priced to move on down the road!