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16 Gauge Half Stock Fowler
Item #: AA848
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This is a 16 gauge half stock percussion fowler from the mid 1800's. It measures 55" overall with a barrel length of 39 1/2". There are two British proof marks on the barrel. The first, closest to the breech, are crossed scepters with a crown in the upper quadrant and the letter V in the lower quadrant. This represents the Birmingham view mark. The second is also crossed scepters with the crown again in the upper quadrant and the letters B, P and C in the other three quadrants. This is the final proof mark of the Birmingham Proof House. The top barrel flat of the octagon portion of the barrel is stamped CHARLESTON. Obviously this gun was made in England for a South Carolina retailer located in Charleston. The bore measures out to a 16 gauge shotgun. The bore itself is dark and rusty. The first 10 1/4" of the barrel is octagonal then transitions into a round barrel. The exterior has a smooth non pitted surface with a steel gray and mottled dark patina. The barrel has a small bead sight 5/8" back from the muzzle. There is some ornate engraving at the breech with some silver and a spot where an inlay once was. There is also a silver inlay in the stock just behind the barrel tang. The lock plate is marked E & C ROBBINS. It has a barrel matching patina. The action remains very crisp and strong on this one. The hammer and lock plate both have ornate engravings on them. The trigger guard and butt plate are made of iron and have the same look as the rest of the gun. it's obvious this one has been together since day one. The walnut half stock has silver inlays for the single escutcheon. The stock nose cap is also silver, showing some wear. One of the ram rod thimbles is missing. The stock itself has some period repairs around the breech. On the right side below the bolster is a period repair of the wood. On the opposite side of the stock is another period repair, a copper patch has been applied to the wood. There is some checkering in the wrist area. The remainder of the stock is in good condition. Overall this is a nice looking imported shotgun from the mid 1800's. Who knows, it could have even been fired at more that birds. A .69 caliber round ball fits a 16 gauge shotgun pretty nicely!
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