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Aladdin Superman Lunch Box
Item #: AA844
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This is an Aladdin Industries Inc. Superman lunch box from 1978. The lunch box is based on the Superman Movie starring Christopher Reeve. At the time of production, Superman was the biggest budget movie ever produced. Released in December of 1978, Superman was the second highest grossing movie of the year. The movie Grease was the only film to out gross Superman. The movie's popularity caused a marketing avalanche for Superman products, including this lunch box. The overall condition of the lunch box is fine. There is minimal paint loss, on the edges of the corners only. The enamel paint still displays very vibrant colors. The lid of the box displays Christopher reeve as Superman flying above Metropolis. The bottom of the box has Clark Kent in the office of the editor of the Daily Planet with Lois lane, Jimmy Olson and their boss, Editor Perry White. The box also tells Superman's story, laid out on each side panel of the box. The front shows the trial of General Zod, Non and Ursa on the planet Krypton. The bottom shows Jor El and Lara, Superman's natural parents, putting the baby Kal El (Superman) into a rocket bound for earth. The right side shows the rocket flying through space to reach earth. The left side depicts the baby Kal El, Superman, lifting his adoptive parents the Kents, truck off the ground. There is hardly any paint loss at all. The colors are very vibrant and the box is dent free. The thermos bail is still present. The carrying handle and latch are both present and works perfectly. The thermos is present and complete. The coloring on this one is also perfect. The cup and lid are both on hand and flawless. A mint condition Superman lunch box from 1978 sold at auction in 2003 for 13,000! If you collect lunch boxes then this is definitely one you shouldn't pass up!