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1800's Trade Gun
Item #: AA833
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This is a percussion black powder trade gun from the mid 1800's. It measures 53" overall, with a barrel length of 36 1/4". The octagon heavy barrel measures 1" across the flats. The smooth bore rifle gauges out at .43 caliber. A rear sight has been set into the barrel 6 3/4" from the breech plug. The front sight is a a brass blade type set back 2" from the muzzle. The barrel has a brown patina. The barrel is unmarked. The lock plate and hammer have some light etching. The rear of the lock looks to have birds being flushed by a dog. Simple etching is also on the perimeter of the lock at the rear. At some time someone has filed the front part of the plate, removing all markings. The plate has a dark gray patina. The hammer also has simple etching along the edges. It has a patina matching the barrel. The nose cap, ramrod thimbles, nose cap, trigger guard, patch box and butt plate are all brass. This one has been together for a while, as all the brass has taken on a dark bronze patina. The screws for the trigger guard are modern replacements. The barrel pins are also replacements. The small round patch box is functional. The maple stock is in very fine condition. There are a few nicks and mars due to normal handling. There are two small cracks in the toe of the stock, one on either side. There is no wood loss any where on the stock. This old smoke pole is equipped with double set triggers. Unfortunately the action does not work, the hammer will not hold full cock. The wooden ramrod that came with this one is not the original. This would look good on the mantle over your fire place.
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