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19th Century Half Stock Percussion Fowler
Item #: AA832
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This is a 19th century half stock percussion fowler, possibly made in America with British parts. The overall length is 54 1/2", with the octagonal to round barrel measuring 38 1/2" in length. The barrel and all iron hardware have the same chocolate brown patina. The barrel exterior, to include the barrel tang, has a smooth appearance with no pitting anywhere. The bore measures .68 caliber and is dark with pitting. On the top flat of the barrel is a British proof mark, the letter E above LG above a five point star all within an oval stamp. This was from the Liege proof house and was used for black powder rifles from 1811-1892. This is the only proof mark visible on the entire rifle. There is no rear sight and doesn't look as if there ever was one. The front sight is a small silver blade sight afixed approximately 1" from the muzzle. The lock plate has no markings at all. The action is fully functional, locking in half cock and full cock, but is weak. When the trigger is depressed the hammer strikes the original nipple, but it's pretty weak. The oval lock measures 5 1/4" in length and 1" in width. The lock plate, hammer, bolster, nipple, trigger guard and butt plate have the same patina as the barrel. It's obvious this one has been together for a long time. The trigger guard is very plain, same as the lock plate. It does have an acorn shaped finial. The half stock measures 27 1/4" minus the butt plate. It appears to be walnut, with the original dark finish still present. There are several cracks in the wood, two on the right side by the lock plate and two opposite the lock plate. There is also an age crack on the right stock comb that extends from the butt plate approximately 3". An iron ramrod accompanies this rifle. It is retained to the barrel by two iron thimbles and an iron stock cap. This is an very good example of an Early American smooth bore fowler.
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