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Brinckerhoff Amputation Saw
Item #: AA824
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This is an amputation saw made by V.W. Brinckerhoff of New York. Brinckerhoff supplied medical and dental equipment for the Union from 1860 - 1862. These bow type saws are commonly referred to as bone saws. During the period of use they were called "capital" saws. This referred to the gravity of the patients situation if this instrument was called upon. It was said that a practiced surgeon could have a limb off in 30 seconds with one of these. No doubt the enormous amount of casualties during the Civil War provided all the experience those in the medical field could use. The saw measures 16" in length and 3 3/4" high from the blade fixture to the top of the bow. The blade measure 10 5/8" in length. For some reason the blade has been installed facing the wrong direction. This could probably be corrected very easily, but I'm not going to risk damaging a rare 150+ year old medical instrument. We'll leave that up to the new owner! There are no maker marks or identifying marks on the blade. On the left side of the saw in the center of the bow is the faint two line stamp of "Brinckerhoff/N.Y." The hard plastic pistol grip is indicative of Civil War era production. Just forward of the pistol grip is a round hole to accommodate the surgeons index finger. This one has the look of being there. The silver plating is still very evident at the forward end of the saw. The grip end has no plating remaining, just a well worn dark patina. If you collect Civil War medical equipment chances are you don't have one of these rarer saws made by Brinckerhoff!