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Confederate Holster
Item #: AA807
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This is a Confederate made holster from the Civil War. The holster is in good condition overall. it measures 14" at the longest point, 5" across the top and 1 1/2" across the toe. The holster is constructed of two pieces of leather. The holster body and flap are all one piece of leather, stitched together along the short side of the holster. The stitching has separated in two places, at the toe about 1" up and about midway, approximately 3" long. A single belt loop is sewn on the back and appears to made of two separate pieces of an old belt. It is 3 3/4" long and 1 1/8" wide. The leather is smooth and shows no crazing or creases. The is one small tear at the top edge, where the flap folds over. There is no plug in the toe and does not appear to have ever had one. The closure tab has two tear drop shaped openings, one above the other. It appears the bottom one was used much more than the upper. There is no finial, instead a Union cuff size general service button has been sewed on the holster body. I slipped a 51 Navy in this one and it fit with no problem. When an 1860 Army was tried, it fit but was quite tight. There is still some detective work left to do on this one. Inside the flap the name WADE has been written. An integral part of a Cavalryman's equipment, this type holster was also used by artillerymen and officers. If you collect Southern Cavalry this is a worthy investment.