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British Pattern 1853 Cavalry Saber
Item #: AA784
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This is a British Pattern 1853 Cavalry Saber found in a house in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The saber measures 40 1/2" with a 34 3/4" blade. The blade is pretty beefy, having a 3/8" spine at the hilt. The blade has a 23 1/2" fuller and a 10 1/2" false edge. Several examples of this style sword are listed in Stewart Mowbray's book, "American Swords" on pages 20 through 22, as being Confederate used weapons. The true edge of the blade has a few small nicks and some pitting at the hilt. It was originally a bright blade, evidenced by a small area on each side near the hilt having been cleaned. Most likely a previous owner looking for a maker mark, of which there are none. The iron hilt, as well as the blade, have taken on a black attic patina. There are two branches on the right side and a small guard on the left side of the hilt. The grips are two leather riveted on to the tang. The grips have held up remarkably well, with the right side having just a small area scraped. They are still very tight to the tang. This is an opportunity to own a Confederate used import Cavalry saber at a very reasonable price!