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Leige Marked Combination Gun
Item #: AA780
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This is a percussion combination rifle/shotgun from the 1850's. The overall length of the weapon is 54", with 36 3/4" barrels. The shotgun is a 12 gauge, while the rifle is a .45 caliber. The 5/8" wide rib is engraved with an illegible makers mark and Leige. A shotgun style front sight is located 1/2" back from the front of the barrels. A wide "buck horn" shaped rear sight is located on the rib 7" forward of the breech of the barrels. The shotgun bore is not dark and has slight pitting throughout. The rifle barrel has 7 grooves and shows some wear with light pitting also. The gun is outfitted with iron furniture throughout, except for the escutcheon plates. They are made of German silver. There is some simple floral designs engraved on the barrel rib, hammers, trigger guard, stock nose cap and butt plate. All the metal has turned an even "attic" black patina. The lock plates have no maker mark and still function. The right hammer is for the rifle barrel and is tripped by the front trigger. This rifle action is a little weak and coincides with the wear of the grooves in the barrel. The shotgun action is still very strong and is fired by the rear trigger. The walnut half stock shows expected wear for a weapon that's approximately 160 years old. The checkering, as well as the finish, are worn in the wrist area. Another sign this weapon was pretty heavily used. There are no cracks in the wood anywhere. It appears that at one time there was a small oval inlay on the top of the stock, but is no longer there. The ramrod is metal and is still with the gun. Another nice antique firearm at a reasonable price!