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Cut Down Double Barrel Shotgun
Item #: AA746
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This is the last of the cut down guns Ol' Rebel brought back from the Gettysburg show. It's a beauty too, measuring out an overall length of 35". The barrels are 18 3/4" and gauge out just a shade over 12. The bores are pretty heavily pitted, but the exterior of the barrels display great. The metal has taken on a dull silver patina with dark age spots scattered around. The top barrel rib has the "LONDON FINE TWIST" stamp with etchings on either side. The right hammer is cracked at the striker, but holds at half and full cock. The left hammer has no blemishes or damage, but will not hold at either position. Both lock plates are stamped Hugh Hastings and have simple floral etchings. The lock plates and hammers are a bit darker than the barrels.I have not been able to find any information on whether has was a gun maker, lock plate manufacturer, or when he was in business. The trigger guard and butt plate both taken on a dark brown appearance. The stock is in overall good condition with just one small chip missing on the left side just forward of the hammer. It looks as though the original finish has worn off in some of the more highly handled areas. The simple checkering in the wrist area is still very clearly defined. The flaws are where some decorative disk had been installed in the right side stock comb and is now missing. The escutcheons are also missing from both sides. Last but not least the ram rod is also missing. A replacement can be provided if the buyer so desires.
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
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