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Civil War Medical Canteen
Item #: AA737
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Here is a fine example of a Civil War period Medical or Hospital Department tin canteen. This kidney shaped, curved canteen measures 9 3/4" wide, 6 5/8" tall and 1 3/4" deep. The 1 1/2" tall spout is not threaded, but uses a cork stopper. There are two sling guides that have a leather sling attached. The body of the canteen is dent free and has only one small pit at the very bottom in the front. It could be repaired if so desired. The soldered seams are still water tight. I suspect the cork stopper is a replacement. The leather carrying strap is still very pliable and has a crack or two, but nothing major. These canteens weren't intended to be used in the field like the Model 1858 canteen. These were used mainly in hospital wards or field hospitals. The curvature of the canteen allowed it to be placed on a soldiers stomach much in the same way as a hot water bottle. That was their intended use. If you happen to be in the medical collecting field then you collection won't be complete without this one!