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1850' Kentucky Long Rifle
Item #: AA709
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An unknown manufactured Kentucky long rifle just in to the shop. It measures 51 3/4' inches overall, with the barrel measuring 35 3/4" in length. There are no stamps or makers marks found on the barrel, but it has not been removed for a closer inspection. This one is a little unusual, as it is 48 caliber. The bore is dark, but the rifling is still strong. The barrel has taken on a brownish patina, with some pitting near the breech and the bolster. About 1/4" of the tapered barrel tang is missing, appearing to have broken long ago. A small "buck horn" rear sight and brass blade front sight complete the barrel assembly. The full length stock is maple of tiger maple, the finish appears to be untouched. There are a couple of small cracks, one on the right side of the stock at the brass butt plate about 1/2" long. Another 1/4" long on the left side by the barrel breech. There is a hairline crack on both sides of the stock near the muzzle approximately 8 inches long. None of these mentioned go completely through the wood and are not noticeable at first. Just mentioned for accuracy. The lock plate is stamped T. DAVIDSON & Co. CINi. Tyler Davidson was a lock maker in the Cincinnati area in the early 1850's. In addition to the stamp the plate has some light engraving. The hammer also shows some light but ornate engraving. Both pieces have the same brownish patina as the barrel. It's obvious this gun has been together for a long time. The bad news is the hammer will not hold full cock. The gun is equipped with set triggers. Finishing out this beautiful long rifle are the brass butt plate, trigger guard, nose cap and ram rod channels. They have all turned a mellow golden finish. The number 62 has been die struck into the end of the barrel and in two places on the left side of the stock. Not sure if theses were inspection or assembly numbers. The ramrod is still with the gun. Though it has a couple of issues this is one eye pleasing percussion rifle from the mid 1800's. Priced to sell!