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Confederate Cartridge Box
Item #: AA698
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This one just in, a Confederate Cartridge Box in remarkably good condition! This rifleman's box is similar to the Model 1842 cartridge box in construction. There are no maker marks to be found, but it has Confederate characteristics. The leather is still very supple and the stitching throughout is strong. Unlike most Confederate made boxes, this one is equipped with a crudely turned brass closure finial. Unfortunately the closure tab is torn. The inner flap and implement flap are still present, as well as the closure strap for the implement pocket. One of the original cartridge tins is still reporting for duty. This box is configured to be worn either on a waist belt or over the shoulder. The waist belt loops are still present and the stitching is very solid. The original shoulder strap is also still with the box. The strap is retained to the box by two small roller buckles. There has been a period repair made where the strap broke at some point. The soldier that carried this one carved his initials, JBG, into the strap to ensure he could keep up with it. This is another trait of Confederate carried equipment. If Confederate Infantry is your area of collecting, this Rifleman's cartridge box would do well by you.