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WWII Reproduction German Grenade
Item #: AA627
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Reproduction WWII German Model 24 hand grenade. Called the Stielhandgranate "stalk hand grenade", this is probably one of the most iconic weapons of WWII. This grenade was introduced to the German Army in 1915 and it and variant's of the Model 24 were used through the end of WWII. These grenades are considered more of a concussion grenade versus a fragmentation grenade. The detonator was not installed while the grenades were stored in their transport cases. This precipitated the label on the explosive body "VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN", meaning before use insert detonator. A string running through the hollow handle ended at a ceramic ball connected to the detonator. A metal cap screwed on and off the end of the wooden handle, preventing the string from becoming entangled and prematurely activating the detonator. The head of the explosive container is marked 44 Fcc, suggesting this may be a Model 43 grenade. This is a REPRODUCTION of a Model 24 grenade and is not intended to be sold as an authentic grenade.