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Early 1900's Memory Jug
Item #: AA468
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1920's made Memory Jug. These primitive decorative jars are originated in Africa and carried over into the southern slave communities. It was believed that the spirit world was upside down and was transitioned via water. Families of the deceased placed these jars on their graves to help them find their way into the afterlife. They decorated the vessels with things the deceased might need or want in their new 'life". They also used items used by the deceased while still among the living! This one is decorated with sea shells, transportation tokens, marbles, Naval buttons, various types of keys, screws and even a pair of lucky dice showing 7! Near the center of the jug is a row of square nails that goes all the way around. The jug is 10" tall and 5 1/4" across the bottom. It is covered in gold paint, as was typical of the time. Just a really cool piece of Americana.