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Antique Irish Shamrock Lapel Pin
Item #: AA3514
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This is an antique Irish Shamrock lapel pin from the early 1900's. The pin is made up of a three leaf clover with a red banner above it. Highlighted in gold within the banner is 1900 above DEMOCRACY STANDS FOR. On the top clover leaf are the words BIMETALISM NOT MONOMETALISM. The lower left leaf reads PEOPLE NOT TRUSTS and the lower right reads REPUBLIC NOT EMPIRE. The pin measures 1" tall and 7/8" wide. It is back marked OFFICIAL BADGE/MFG'D BY/F.H. NOBLE & CO./CHICAGO ILL./PAT. APP. FOR. This badge came about around the same time that Queen Victoria authorized the "wearin of the green" for the newly formed Irish Guards of the British Army. Britain was involved in the Boers Wars in South Africa at the time, and the war was not going as expected for the British. The war lasted form 1899 to 1902, and casualties were high for the British Army, especially among the volunteer Irish regiments. In an attempt to maintain good relations with Ireland, the queen authorized the Irish Guards to wear a sprig of shamrock on their headgear to celebrate St Patrick's Day. This tradition continues today, with a member of the Royal family presenting a sprig of shamrock to the ranking member of the Irish military.
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Item # AA3514
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