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Paperback Airborne Class Book Ft Benning, Ga 23 March, 1951
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This is a paperback Airborne Class Book of Company C Airborne Class 34 with a graduation date of 23 March, 1951. All American soldiers, regardless of branch, receive their basic Airborne training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. The book measures 7 3/4" wide and 10 1/2" tall and is gray with blue lettering on the front cover. The US Army jump wings of Parachutist, Senior Parachutist and Master Parachutist are depicted at the top of the cover, along with type training, location of the training, training company, class number and graduation date. The last three are printed in black. The 24 page unit class book provides a history of the US Airborne of World War II and where they fought, the mission of the airborne, the airborne course itself, jump training and techniques, physical fitness training, photos of the cadre, a photo of Company C Class 34, a company student roster and plenty of phots of airborne training! All the pages are in good condition and the photos are very clear. The only writing in the book is by one of the soldiers attending the training. He doesn't identify himself, but apparently sent the class book home to his mother. Inside the front cover written in cursive blue it reads "Mom when you look at this read it to because it really gives you an idea of exactly how a fellow feels". If you have an airborne collection, particularly a Korean War period Airborne collection this will fit right in!
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Item # AA3343
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