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LTC Oliver North "I SUPPORT OLLIE "88" Badge
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This is a small badge from 1988 used to show support for Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra investigation. The Iran-Contra scandal was a huge news event. North was a member of the National Security Council and was involved in directing funds to the Nicaraguan guerrilla groups, a violation of the Boland Amendment. North was on trial in 1988, and his conservative supporters wore buttons like this one to show their support. He was convicted of three felony charges, but they were later vacated and reversed. All charges against North were dismissed in 1991. He got into politics afterwards, losing a Virginia Senate seat in 1994. Oliver North is most known for his show War Stories with Oliver North that aired on Fox News from 2001 through 2016. The two small buttons depict North in his Marine dress uniform during the 1988 trial. His black and white image, along with the slogan "I SUPPORT OLLIE '88" in black letters are shown on a white background. They are 1 1/4" across and have a single pin back. Both buttons are in very good condition.
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Item # AA3318

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