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Confederate Brooke Solid Bolt Projectile
Item #: AA3290
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This is a Confederate manufactured solid bolt projectile made to be fired by a 7" Brooke rifled gun used during the Civil War. It is 6.9" in diameter, measures 11 1/2" in length and weighs 100 pounds. This projectile has a blunt, slightly rounded top and was used to deliver maximum impact against the Union ironclad ships. The iron body of the shell has two bourrelet rings. Only the rings had to be machined precise to fit the gun, the main body of the shell remained rough cast. The shell used a large copper sabot, held in place by ratchet ribs cast into the copper sabot and the shell body, and secured by a large bolt. This Brooke projectile comes out of a large North Carolina collection and the bolt has verbal history of being recovered in Charleston, South Carolina. If you collect Civil War artillery projectiles, this one is complete and in very good condition. Special shipping will be required for this piece.
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs
Item # AA3290

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