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WWII Poster Chrysler Marine Tractors (Sea Mules)
Item #: AA3156
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This is a poster for the marine Tractor developed by the Chrysler Corporation during World War II. The "Sea Mule", as nicknamed by the US Navy, was developed to help move cargo, personnel and anything else needed to be moved from ship to shore. These small units were designed to be used individually or in pairs. They were bolted to barges, ships or any other floating device and became a means of steerable propulsion. These "Sea Mules" were powered by eight cylinder Royal Marine engines developed by Chrysler. They were used in every theater of war that the United States was involved in. The poster is in good condition. It does have a small area that has been torn along the right hand side. It measures 49 1/2" high and 36 1/2" wide. The light blue paper is not faded. At the top of the poster is the title MARINE TRACTORS and underneath that (SEA MULES). There is a large photograph of numerous Sea Mules in various stages of assembly in a Chrysler factory. Below that is another image of two Sea Mules pushing a barge in the open water. Underneath the photos are the V for Victory log surrounded by Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto and Chrysler in a circle around the V. In white lettering at the bottom of the poster is written "American Enterprise Works For Victory. If you collect home front material, or factory advertign from the WWII era, this is one that is suitable to be framed.
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Item # AA3156

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