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Vintage Foster Brothers Gold Star Butcher Knife
Item #: AA3092
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This is a vintage butcher knife sold by the Foster Brothers Cutlery Company of Fulton, New York. The knife has an overall length of 16 1/2" and a blade length of 11 1/2". The ebony handles are attached to the blade tang through the use of flush mount brass star rivets. The Gold Star line of knives were the top of the line products sold by Foster Brothers, and these pieces were commonly referred to as "The General". The carbon steel blade is pitted along the entire length of the curved on both sides, so apparently this one spent some time out in the weather. There is a small nick on the cutting edge about the midway point. The high quality carbon steel this blade was hand forged from still has a very sharp edge. These knives were made for professional chefs and butchers and were considered top of the line. This one came into the shop along with a Russell Green River skinning knife and a fairly large hand made knife. I have a feeling these spent some time out west when the Buffalo was becoming extinct! This old Foster Brothers butcher knife has some serious eye appeal, and would look right at home in a western themed collection, trapper/trader or Native American collection!
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Item # AA3092
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