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Civil War Period "Topper" Top Hat
Item #: AA3003
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This is a Civil War period top hat from the 1860's. There are numerous photographs of Confederate soldiers wearing these top hats during the war. It seems that most of them were from units deployed in the Western theater, from Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana. The condition of this felt material hat is good considering the age of it. The wool felt is black in color, and has no moth damage. about a 2" seperation on the right side of the brim of the hat from the body. There is also a small hole on the same side, just above the black hat band. There are a few small creases scattered around the body of the hat as well. The black 1: hat band is torn near the hole, and has been stitched back together on the back side. There is a small green band sewn around the rim of the band that is also unraveling. The crown stands 6" tall and the brim is 2" and is rolled. The inside is bare pasteboard, the leather sweatband and makers label are missing. There are no makers marks or labels anywhere. On the right side of the hat is a Civil War period flower button. It is secured to the hat by a small leather thong. The button has no visible back mark. This top hat came into the shop with no history at all, but it isn't hard to see some Mississippi or Louisiana infantryman sitting around the camp, smoking his pipe and wearing this top hat!
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Item # AA3003
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