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Remington New Model Army Revolver
Item #: AA2927
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This is a Remington New Model Army six shot cap and ball revolver in .44 caliber from the Civil War era. This model of Remington was produced from 1863 - 1875, with a total of approximately 122,000 made. The serial number of 84454 falls into the 1863 - 1865 range, meaning this one was around during the war of northern aggression. At some point this one has been cleaned, but still has considerable bluing showing on the barrel, frame and cylinder. The 8" octagonal barrel has the three line stamp of PATENTED SEPT. 14, 1855/E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, NEW YORK, U.S.A./NEW MODEL. The 5 groove rifling is strong and the bore shines like a new dime! Serial #84454 is stamped into the right side of the grip frame, but is not stamped on the bottom of the barrel. The numbers 4454 and the inspector stamp of P is stamped on the back side of the cylinder. The mechanics are sound, both in half cock and full cock, with the cylinder indexing perfectly. The are sub inspector marks of P, J, V and F on the weapon. The brass trigger guard has a mellow golden patina that contrasts perfectly with the metal, creating a very eye pleasing appearance. The original walnut grips retain most all of their finish. There are no inspector cartouches on the grips. The Remington New Model was one of the major handguns of the Civil War. It was Colt's biggest competition, and Remington's last .44 caliber revolver. The famous Buffalo Bill Cody carried a Remington New Model Army, claiming it never failed him. Both sides used these hefty six guns, and your Civil War collection won't be complete without one!
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