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WWI US Model 1916 Holster
Item #: AA2916
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This is a World War I leather holster made for the Colt Model 1911. This russet leather holster is in very good condition, but has a darker appearance from use than the original russet brown color. It was manufactured by the Graton & Knight of Worcester, Massachusetts but does not have a visible date. All stitching, rivets and closure stud are extremely tight and secure to the holster. The eyelet at the toe of the holster is intact but has no leather "tie down". The brass rivets, eyelet and closure stud all have some verdigris showing. The bail that is used to attach the holster to a web belt shows considerable wear and is showing all brass. The flap is embossed with a US within an oval. The interior of the holster shows plenty of honest wear. Whoever was issued this one believed in packing his trusty side arm around! It's a great example of WWI American equipage that's nearly as iconic as the pistol it carried!
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