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British Pattern 1876 Martini-Henry Rifle Bayonet
Item #: AA2915
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This is a British Pattern 1876 bayonet manufactured for use with the Martini-Henry rifle. It is in near mint condition. It measures 25" overall, with a 21 1/2" blade having a 20 5/16" fuller. The blade retains nearly 100% of the original bright finish. The socket also retains approximately 50% of the original finish, along with the functional original locking ring. The blade has five different markings stamped on the face of it. Working from the fuller back towards the socket is the unknown letter R, the number 262, possibly a rack number, the British broad arrow with WD showing acceptance by the British War Department, a crown over E 48 indicating an inspector and 1/88 showing the date of acceptance of January, 1888. The left side of the blade has another stamp, a crown over BR 26, a Birmingham inspection stamp. The Mark I scabbard is in amazing condition. The leather body is strong and shows wear from normal handling. The brass throat and tip have a beautiful golden glow about them. The throat is stamped just above the frog hook with two stamps, the British broad arrow with War Department stamp and an inspector stamp of a crown over E 13. The scabbard body has three stamps. Just below the frog on the right side is the broad arrow with WD, a date stamp of 6/8? is visible and an inspector stamp of crown E ?. The stitching is strong and unbroken on the leather, the throat and tip securely attached. The white leather frog is in very good condition. The stitching is very strong and unbroken. There are two ink stamps on the frog, the broad arrow and WD acceptance stamp, the other stamp I can't quite make out. The British Pattern 1876 Martini-Henry rifle bayonet was used extensively during the Zulu wars in South Africa. This example is in very good condition and will never need to be upgraded!
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Item # AA2915
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