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1800's East Tennessee Hand Forged Knife
Item #: AA2879
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This is a straight back style knife hand forged in East Tennessee in the mid 1800's. There are no makers marks or stamps anywhere on the knife. This rudimentary knife is as simple as it gets, yet has some definite display appeal. The grip is made of two slabs of what appear to be harness leather. The two pieces of leather are attached to the tang by means of two brass rivets. There is no cross guard on the knife. The blade is single edged and terminates in a straight back point. The hand forged blade has an aged, dark patina to it. There is just a hint of the original bright finish showing at the point and along the cutting edge. This old East Tennessee knife is 16 3/4" inches overall and has a 12 1/4" blade. This one walked into the shop from the local East Tennessee area with verbal history of being Confederate used. While it's not your typical bowie, this thing would have definitely put a hurting on some poor Yankee! It looks more like a kitchen butcher knife, but we all know that Johnny marched off to war with whatever he had. This is the second knife to walk into the shop in as many weeks!
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Item # AA2879
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