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Indian Wars Period Headgear Insignia
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This is a three piece grouping of insignia for headgear worn during the Indian Wars period. On the left is an eagle for the Pattern 1881 Dress helmet. The 1872 eagles were generically used on all different branches. The 1881 eagles were branch specific. This eagle is adorned with a harp, signifying it was worn by a musician. The horn on the upper right was designed to be worn with the Model 1858 Army hat. Many soldiers wore them on their forage caps, although they were not authorized. The horn on the lower right was designed to be worn with the Model 1872 Dress Cap. It would be worn until 1875, when the insignia of the Infantry branch was changed to the crossed muskets. All three insignia are attached to a small display board that has been covered in blue cloth trimmed in gold braid, and two gold tassels, one on each upper corner. This would be a nice little addition to any Indian Wars Infantry collection.
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