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REPRODUCTION 33 Star American Flag
Item #: AA2757
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This is a modern American flag that has been altered to depict a 33 star American flag from the Civil War era. The 33 star flag was utilized from 4 July 1859 when Oregon was admitted to the Union, until 4 July 1861. This flag measures 47 1/2" by 71 1/2". This flag was made by removing 17 stars from a modern 50 star flag and used for Civil War reenactments. The canton and stripes are made of a heavy cotton weave fabric, as well as the stars. The stars are machine sewn onto both sides of the canton. The layout of the stars is 7-7-5-7-7. The orientation of the star points are up. The hoist has 2 brass grommets. Both of the grommets are secure on the hoist. There are a few small holes scattered around on the flag. If you portray a Union unit this one will serve you well as an early war flag, or if you want to display a Civil War era flag but just can't afford the real thing right now, here you go!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Item # AA2757

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