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1850's Whale Blubber Skinning Knife
Item #: AA2735
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This is an 1850's whale blubber skinning knife. The knife has an overall length of 15 1/4", with a blade length of 9 3/16". The iron blade has a clip point with serrated teeth along the top edge of the clip point. The hidden tang is peened with a washer and has a single iron ferrule at the front of the handle. The turned wooden handle is in very good condition, with no age cracks. There are no makers marks or stamps anywhere on this knife. These knives were used to cut the long strips of blubber hauled aboard the ship from the whales carcass into smaller chunks. The smaller pieces of blubber were then put in an iron pot and rendered into oil. The oil was stored in wooden kegs in the ships cargo hold. This knife remains in very good condition, and would go great with any maritime themed room.
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Item # AA2735
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