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WWII US Model 1916 Holster
Item #: AA2709
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This is a US Model 1916 holster made for the Colt Model 1911A1 pistol used during World War II. This leather holster is in fair, modified, issued condition. It was manufactured by Boyt, the Walter Boyt Saddlery Company of Des Moines, Iowa. The BOYT stamp and date of 1945 are very visible. All stitching, rivets and closure stud are extremely tight and secure to the holster. The eyelet at the toe of the holster is missing, and does not have the leather "tie down" that came with the holster. All of the brass rivets, eyelet and closure stud have some light verdigris showing. The bail that is used to attach the holster to a web belt is missing. The flap, as well as the body of the holster have been modified. The flap has been cut back to the closure strap on the back side and the embossed US within an oval has either been removed or worn off. The body of the holster has also been cut back on the back side, apparently in an attempt to make a quick draw holster. The interior of the holster shows some honest wear. The russet colored leather has been dyed black, shows plenty of wear from use, but is in very fair condition.
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