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US Cavalry Link Strap
Item #: AA2657
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This is a link strap used by Union Cavalry forces during the Civil War and on into the Indian Wars. These link straps were used to enable a dismounted rider to lead his horse. The trooper simply snapped the spring hook onto the M1859 bit ring and held onto the free end. They were also used to control riderless horses when the cavalry was required to fight on foot. Every fourth trooper became a "horse holder". In this instance one end of the link strap was buckled to a horses headstall. The snap hook was utilized to link together the three mounts of the troopers engaged on foot. This enabled the horse holder to control four mounts at one time. The black bridle leather strap measures approximately 22" in length and 3/4" wide. The leather remains very flexible, with no flaking or crazing anywhere. The black japanned spring hook retains very little of the black, and works perfectly. Instead of a roller buckle to adjust the length of the strap, this one has a brass hook riveted on the end. This one is not maker marked, the only stamp on the entire strap is the letter K. These link straps are hard to come by today, but were an essential part of the Cavalryman's gear from the Civil War on into the 1880's. Your Cavalry collection isn't complete without one of these.
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Item # AA2657
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