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Infantry Captain's Frock Coat, Sash and Sword Belt
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This is a private purchase nine button Infantry officer's frock coat from the Indian Wars period. The coat is in excellent condition, having no stains or holes. It is made of dark blue wool with a quilted dark blue full liner. The construction of this frock suggests it is a private purchase rather than a government issue. The sleeves are not the "balloon" type found on Civil War era frock coats. They gradually taper from 7 3/4" above the elbow to 5 3/4" at the cuff. The skirts measure 18" in length and are not hemmed. The collar is 1 1/4" and has been lined on the inside with dark blue velvet to prevent irritation from the course wool material. The front of the single breasted coat has 9 Eagle I buttons, all of them back marked HORSTMANN BROS & CO/PHIL. Each non functioning cuff has three Eagle I buttons, all of which are also back marked HORSTMANN BROS & CO. On the back of the frock are three more Eagle I buttons, at one time there were five. Three are sewn at the top of the vents, and the two missing buttons were sewn at the bottom of each skirt vent. Of the three remaining, one is back marked HORTSTMANN BROS & CO and the other two are WATERBURY BUTTON CO/WATERRBURY CON. All of these buttons date post Civil War, between 1866 and 1892. There are two interior pockets, both on the inner left breast. The vents also have a pocket each. The pockets are lined with a brown muslin cotton. The interior of the coat shows more of the quality craftsmanship that went into it. The body of the coat is lined with a dark blue polished cotton that has been quilted above the skirts. The sleeves are lined with beige cotton ticking with blue and white stripes. A pair of Smith pattern Captain of Infantry shoulder boards have been hand stitched on. All the panel seams are tightly stitched together, and show no signs of hand stitched repairs. The bottom of the coat is not hemmed. There is no makers label sewn into the coat, or any other identifying marks to be found. This Indian Wars Infantry Captain's frock coat comes with a crimson sash and buff leather sword belt rig. The crimson sash measures 97" long between the tassels and is 4" wide. It shows some fading from being in the sun, and has a pick about 4" long on one side. The tassels are in very good condition and both have all the fringe. The sword belt rig is 36" inches long and 1 3/4" wide. The belt and shoulder strap are both buff leather. All period white cotton stitching is still very tight and unbroken. The Model 1851 belt plate has the integral sliver wreath. It is bench marked 348, while the keeper is bench marked 416. The wear and patina show these two have been together for a while. There are no sword drops, but there is a brass sword hook. The belt rig shows plenty of honest use. This entire outfit could very easily have been used during the Civil War and carried on over into the Indian Wars period. If you have an Indian Wars collection, this could be your center piece!
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