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Kingsport Tennessee Newspaper Dated October 18, 1942
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This is a copy of The Kingsport Times, a newspaper serving the northeast Tennessee Tri City area. It is a Home edition and is dated 18 October, 1942. This is the entire 12 page edition. The headline for this Sunday in 1942 reads, "Navy Goes Into Action In Solomons." There is one photo on the front page, showing the wreckage of a hanger used by the Marines on Guadalcanal, later named Henderson field. There are numerous articles on the front page that relate to the war, from the Russian stand at Stalingrad, coverage of the fighting on Guadalcanal, to Hitler taunting the leaders of Italy and Japan just before the outbreak of WWII.. The paper is in fair condition, showing some damage by insects and rodents along the right side of the paper. The pages are slightly yellowed, but all text and images are perfectly legible. This would go great with your WWII documents collection.
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