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Artillery/Teamsters Saddle
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This is a saddle that could have been used by Artillery or wagon drivers during the Civil War. I found examples of this type saddle in Howard Crouch's book, "Horse Equipment of the Civil War Era" and Ken Knopp's book, "Confederate Saddles & Horse Equipment". Both authors provide photo examples of this type saddle being used by Teamsters in the wagon trains as well as saddles for the Artillery drivers. Teamsters were normally mounted on the "near wheel" horse, or left side horse closest to the front wheel of the wagon. Horse drawn Artillery had riders on each left side horse in the team, also referred to as the "near" side. The teams were made up of 6 horses optimal, 4 horses minimal. This saddle is in very good condition. It has a 14" hardwood, cut back wagon style tree. The 12" seat is covered in quality leather that shows some heavy used, evidenced by the hole worn into the middle of the seat. The underside of the seat has a leather outer cover and an inner pad made of blue and white striped ticking material. The pad is stuffed with horse hair. The skirts are made of 1/4" thick heavy leather, and measure 26" long and 15 1/2" wide. The stirrup leathers measure 1 3/16" wide. The stirrup leathers are 1" wide and are in good condition. The left stirrup is brass, while the right one is made of iron. I believe that this is a prewar saddle, and like most other things Confederate, pressed into service during the Civil War. If you do collect Confederate Artillery items, this saddle would really add some eye appeal to your collection!
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