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WWII German Reichspfenning Coins
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This is a set of German Reichspfenning coins used during World War II. The coins are made of zinc in order to conserve other precious metals for the war industry. Most of the zinc coins have turned black over the years, but these have a light grey patina to them. Each coin has the Nazi eagle clutching a swastika inside a wreath centered on one side. Around the perimeter of the coin above the eagle is stamped Deutsches Reich, and below is the year the coin was minted. The opposite side of the coin shows the value, 1, 5, or 10 fenning in the center of the coin. Around the perimeter of the coin above the value is stamped Reichspfenning, and below a letter flanked by laurel leaves. The 1 fenning piece was made in 1944 and is a D coin. The 5 fenning piece was made in 1940 and is an A coin. One 10 fenning coin was made in 1942 and is an A coin, the other was made in 1943 and is an F coin. These will look great in a German WWII personal effects display.
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