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M1 Cleaning Rod Case with Rods
Item #: AA2329
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This is a US canvas cleaning rod case with three rod section for the M1 Garand used during World War II. The case measures 13 1/4" long and 3" wide. It is khaki in color with an olive drab closure strap and edging. The case is maker marked on the inside flap FalS/44 with a black ink stamp. The threaded rod sections are 10 3/4" in length and include a t handle section, intermediate section and a jag end with slot for cleaning patches. The only rod with a part number is the last section, part number 6535441. There is no bore brush with this kit. The back of the carrying case has a M1910 style hook so the kit could be attached to web belt of haversack. It is stenciled CASE,/CLEANING ROD, M1/C6573. These cleaning kits evolved over time and were continued in service through the Vietnam era. The outer flap has been lightly inked D24, indicating this was part of the BII for a military vehicle, most likely used with a crew served weapon. While it probably has multiple uses, this kit is correct for the WWII M1 Garand.
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