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Model 1860 Colt Army
Item #: AA2325
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This is a good looking .44 caliber Colt Army revolver from the Civil War period. The serial number of 20997 places the production date of this pistol in 1861. The 8" barrel address reads "ADDRESS COL. SAMl COLT NEW - YORK U.S. AMERICA". The bore is in good condition with crisp rifling and no pitting present. The loading lever is fully functional. The cylinder scene is all but gone, with just traces of the naval battle barely visible. The serial number of 2024 is visible, a mismatch for the rest of the gun. This is apparently not an uncommon thing when dealing with Union Cavalry pistols. I've had several over the last couple of years that had mismatched cylinders and without fail they were from Union Cavalry regiments. This one is no different, as the oral history was this came from a family in Waterloo, Iowa whose relative rode with the 2nd Iowa Cavalry Regiment. The 2nd Iowa Cavalry was a western theater regiment whose engagements include the Siege and Battle of Corinth, Grierson's Raid, Battle of Franklin and the Battle of Nashville. Scratched into the front of the trigger guard is a 2 I on each side of the forward trigger guard screw. The Colts Patent mark on the left side of the frame is clear. Being an early production Army, the frame of this revolver is the four screw type. The serial numbers on the back strap, trigger guard, frame and barrel are clearly visible, the wedge looks to be a period replacement. The one piece walnut grips do not have a cartouche. They show a ton of wear, the original varnish is thin, but still displays great! Everything on the gun appears original. The cylinder still has some of the safety pins on the back. The action is crisp and locks up in half and full cock positions. The brass trigger guard has a dull golden patina to it. There is quite a bit of case color left showing, and original bluing scattered about. Sub inspector stamps abound, with a O and T on the trigger guard, B and T on the cylinder. The overall condition of this Civil War revolver is good plus. These old Colt Army revolvers were standard issue to the US Cavalry units during the Civil War, and on into the American West until being phased out by the 1873 Single Action Colt. An iconic piece of Civil War history at a price that won't break the bank!