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WWII Nazi Part Cross of Honor of the German Mother Bronze Class
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This is a World War II German Nazi Party Cross of Honor of the German Mother in the bronze class. It was instituted on 16 December, 1938, as part of Hitler's initiative to encourage the growth of the Aryan population. Only women of German origin qualified for this award which was given annually on the second Sunday in May (Mothers Day). Mothers were honored in three different classifications depending on the number of children they had borne. Eight or more children entitled the mother to a gold cross, six or seven for silver and four or five for bronze. The front of the Mother's Cross depicts a round shield affixed to a cross bearing the inscription "Der Deutchen Mutter" encircling a black enamel swastika on a white enamel field. The cross in is blue enamel with white enamel edges. The back of the cross features an engraved date of 16 December, 1938, along with a facsimile signature of the German Fuhrer.
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