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WWII German Mess Kit Utensils
Item #: AA2290
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This is a set of German mess kit utensils used during World War II. These sets were made up of the stainless steel carrier/can opener, aluminum knife, aluminum or stainless steel fork and spoon. Unfortunately the knife is missing from this set. All three pieces are maker marked and dated. The can opener is stamped with the Army eagle above FBCM41. The fork is stamped with the Army eagle FBCM42. The spoon is stamped with the Army eagle and LGK&F/42. All stamps are very legible, but do show some wear from use. None of the utensils are marked "Rostfrei", German for stainless steel. There is some pitting to the finish of a couple of the pieces, but should clean up fine for the most part. This is one of the least common variants of WWII German mess kit utensils.
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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